Q.  Are you licensed?

A.  Yes.  We are a registered business with the State of Florida. 

Q. Are you insured and bonded?

A.  Yes.  We have a 300,000 General Liability Policy.

Q.  Are you trustworthy? 

  A.  This should be your biggest concern whenever ANYONE is in your home – and we get it completely.   We practice the utmost discretion and hold everything we may see or hear as confidential.  

Q.  Is there a contract?

A.  There is no written contract – you just want your house cleaned, no need to bring paperwork and lawyers into the process.  That said we do have an agreement about what our team will clean, what they may not clean – and what you can expect from our services.  This agreement clearly outlines exactly what services you want from us, how frequently you want those services, and what those services will cost.  If you have a favorite cleaner – the best way to ensure she is your’s going forward is to consider a cleaning agreement. 

Q.  What areas do you service?
A.  Currently we serve customers in greater St. Johns County.

Q.  How do I pay you?

A.  To minimize the chance of your payment being lost in transit, we use electronic invoicing by QuickBooks.  You may pay on-line with eCheck or Credit-Card.  We invoice the day of services and payment is due upon completion of service(s).

Q.  Who supplies the cleaning products?

A.  We use YOUR cleaning products.  We respect that most homeowners have a preference for their cleaning supplies for reasons such as:

Allergy in the home
Environmental Impact
Fragrance preference(s)

Q.  Do you make mistakes?

A.  Since you asked–yes!  We’ve made a few.    Nothing too dramatic but I have learned that it’s good to check if sinks have an over flow valve!  But this is why we have insurance.  And since the inception of the business we’ve had no claims.  We are trained and experienced in cleaning a multitude of surfaces and we keep our product reference guide handy in case we are unsure about something.  If we accidentally break something, that is covered too.  BUT–if you have extremely sentimental items or very pricey items like the Ming Vase, it is best to remove those on the day of the cleaning or ask us specifically not to touch it.   The more often we clean your space, the more we learn what we can or maybe shouldn’t touch.  Which mirrors or clocks are hanging by a thread and which are more sturdy.  

Q.  What happens if you break your leg or other body parts while cleaning my home?

A.  We’d probably cry and pitch a fit but then we’d call our insurance company.  Our policy covers us while we are in your home.  Whew..isn’t that a relief?

Q.  Is your cleaning service tax deductible? 

A.  House cleaning is considered a personal service and therefore, not usually deductible.

Q.  Are there benefits to hiring your company?

A.  Yes.  First is that you know your home is being cleaned by a professional trained in the ways of providing the best possible service.  Because our team is licensed and insured you know we follow laws and regulations like all other businesses and we won’t file a claim against you if we get injured while at your house.  You know your property is protected and we can’t sue for unemployment benefits if you let us go.  

Q.  What about my pets?

A.  All of our staff is pet-friendly.  That being said, only you know how your pet will react with a stranger in the home.    Here are some suggestions for pets during normal cleaning:

Dogs: Restrain or contain when possible during initial visits.  After some time your pet will accept our staff as part of the family and may roam freely.
Cats: No concern as they do a great job on their own of hiding during our cleaning.
Reptiles: Please ensure lids are secured for anything scaly or slithery that might not survive an encounter with a vacuum cleaner! 

Q.  Will you make up and/or put fresh linens on the beds?

A.  This is a standard service for ALL beds in the home with exception of bunk beds. Our insurance does not allow our staff (adults) to climb on top of bunkbeds which are built for children.

Q.  Can you get my kitchen and bathroom grout to sparkle “like new”?

A.  We can get close but never “like new”.  Sadly we just clean, we do not restore!  Grout that hasn’t been sealed or cleaned in years or is subject to Florida hard water is going to turn over time.  We will clean as part of our regular service but can not provide “like new” results with most grout.

Q.  What is your guarantee?

A.  We guarantee that if you are unhappy or dissatisfied with our services and bring it to our attention within 24 hours of your cleaning, then we will return to inspect, correct and make it better.   All we ask is for the opportunity to make it right.  As professional as we try to be, it is remotely possible we missed a spot – please don’t fire us and please don’t blast us on Facebook.  We asked that you accept that we are human and kindly ask us to come out and make it right.